Series 10 Wall Panel System

Single-skin Rainscreen System

Series 10 Profile

TypeSingle skinned metal wall panel rainscreen system
GaugeThickness comes in .40 or .063
DepthTypical system depth is 1 inch
FaceTypical system face comes in 8, 12 or 16 inches
SpacingTypical gap between panels is 3/4 to 1 inch
LengthLengths can be anywhere from 2 to 21 feel long.
TestingASTM E288-04, ASTM E330-02, ASTM E331-00, ASTM E8-08
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Series 10 System

Horizontal Joint

The horizontal joint runs parallel to the ground and is located just above and below each panel.

Vertical Joint

The vertical joint runs to the sides of the panel perpendicular to the ground.

Outside Corner

The outside corner wraps the building on corners that turn away from the face of the structure.

Buildings with Series 10